What you need to know about the H Pylori infection?

What you need to know about the H Pylori infection?

The Helicobacter Pylori (commonly referred to as the H Pylori) are a family of bacteria which possess a spiral shape. They grow in the digestive tract of the human body and are capable of attacking the stomach lining.

Although these bacteria are pretty harmless, they are culprits of most ulcers occurring in the stomach and small intestine.

What causes the H Pylori infection?
Lack of sufficient bathroom hygiene is a big reason. Not washing your hands thoroughly after using the washroom can cause bacteria to enter your mouth from your hands. Consumption of contaminated food and water are one of the main reasons for breeding of the H Pylori.

Most people diagnosed with the H Pylori infection don’t show most or even any of the symptoms.

But if you do end up having more than 3 of the mentioned symptoms, it’s always advisable to consult a physician.

Burning sensation or pain in the abdominal region.
Uncontrollable burping
Loss of weight
Loss of appetite
Methods Of Diagnosis

Doctors may use the following methods to confirm their diagnosis.

Blood Test
The laboratory receives a specimen of your blood and tests are conducted to check for the presence of H Pylori.

Breath Test
During this procedure, you are asked to swallow a pill or a solution containing certain tagged carbon molecules. If your body does have the H Pylori bacteria, the ingested carbon compound will be decomposed by the bacteria and carbon is released into your body. You will then have to exhale into a bag, and the doctor using sophisticated tools will determine the result.

Stool Test
A sample of your stool is sent to the laboratory where analysts determine if you are infected.

Scope Test
This is the most complicated test of all. For this test, the doctor enters a long tube (with a camera attached to it “ endoscope) into your mouth, which runs through the esophagus to your stomach. The doctor looks for any irregularities in your digestive tract and can draw a conclusion based on the test results.

How to prevent attack of H Pylori?
Always wash your hands thoroughly before and after having a meal, and after using the toilet.
Only dine in clean environments. Keep your utensils clean while cooking.
If you’re in a sexual relationship, make sure your partner isn’t affected. Exchange of saliva is one way the H Pylori can be transmitted.
If anyone in your family has a history of the H Pylori infection, it’s always recommended that you get tested. Early detection is the key to eradicating all sorts of infection.
Strive to have a balanced diet: one with a proper proportion of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.