The Best Washer and Dryer Combo of This Year

The Best Washer and Dryer Combo of This Year

The washing machine is one of the best inventions for the household. You can have your clothes spotless and smelling great with minimum effort on your end. While a washer does half the job, you need a dryer to finish the task with perfection.

You need to find the best washer and dryer combo so that your clothes look as good as new. Not all combinations work right. So you need to do your research.

-Firstly, you need the space to accommodate both the washer and the dryer.
-They need to be easily accessible as well. The best way to go about it is to have them placed side by side.
-Measure the space you want to put them in, before making a purchase.

Based on your requirements, be it high capacity laundry systems or a three-piece one, you can find the best washer and dryer combo in no time.

Samsung DVE45M5500P dryer and WF45M5500AP washer

This is the best washer and dryer combo you can find in stores today. This advanced pair even comes with steam provisions that ensure every inch of your clothing is clean. It is a front loading set that is easy to use for anyone. This combo has a 7.5 cubic foot dryer and a 4.5 cubic foot washer, making it suitable for even large loads. Both are very quiet while performing tasks, and they do a great job of cleaning the clothes.

Whirlpool WTW2816FW washer and WED4815EW dryer

If you are looking for the best washer and dryer combo within a smaller price range, this duo is the one for you. It has sensing technologies that determine the amount of water to be used, depending on the amount of clothing in the machine. The dryer in this combo detects when the clothes are dry and automatically stops the process. Even when you leave the clothes in for a long time, you won’t have to worry about wrinkles. These features will help you save time, energy, and water.

Bosch 800 Series: Compact Laundry Stacked Pair

This leading brand is known for their high quality of homemade appliances. They are known for their best washer and dryer combo as well. The machines occupy minimal floor space and give you the best experience with clothes. The motor used is an eco silence model that reduces the noise the machines make. You can peacefully do your chores without the hum in the background now. This compact machine has a dryer that is 4.0 cubic feet, and washer that has 2.2 cubic feet of space. If you are looking for a smaller one, this is the best of the lot.

GE 5 cubic feet washer, 7.4 cubic feet dryer

This smart best washer and dryer combo is as good as it gets. It has plenty of space and can take even larger loads. It has five heat settings and 14 cycles to ensure that your clothes are cleaned thoroughly. With the company looking to modernize home equipment, this piece is also one that comes with a WiFi connection. This smart home appliance will make laundry a fun and an easy chore. You can track the progress of the washer and dryer in the app. You can gain tips regarding the best way to take care of clothes, and learn details about the best detergent. You can even integrate both the systems to Google Home Integration and Amazon Alexa.

Amana 3.5 cubic feet top loading washing machine

If you are contemplating about investing in the best washer and dryer combo because of the budget, you need not worry for long. This duo by Amana is affordable, and it comes with all the features that you need to get your washing and drying done. The washer has 4 water levels and 9 cycles that can help you limit your water usage. The 6.5 cubic feet dryer, on the other hand, comes with 11 cycles. It even has an automatic dry sensor that can help you to preserve energy. Arriving at an affordable price tag, this combination does a quick and great job.
The best washer and dryer combo will be worth investing, as it will save you time and make your life a lot easier.