Screwfix: A stalwart in the home improvement market

Screwfix: A stalwart in the home improvement market

Screwfix was founded as the Woodscrew Company in the year 1979. It began its journey as a small retail unit in United Kingdom, starting off with products which were made easily available to the general public. Today, it is listed among one of the biggest retailers of heavy tools, trade machinery, and tools which aid in home remodeling and gardening.

Screwfix’s journey from the 1980s to the present has been nothing short of a learning experience for the consumers and other peer companies around the world, who began their enterprises around the same time. Founded in a city called Yeovil, in Somerset, the Woodscrew Supply Company, started the still-untapped business of mail-ordering of tools, the market which was picking up momentum in the period the conglomerate was formed. Like its peer companies in the far West, Screwfix focused its advertisement module on catalogs which showcased their products to the general public, hence making it easier for a would-be customer to understand better which tools they require before they would walk into a retail outlet. The first ever catalog published under their name, consisted of just one page, comprising of the main tools on demand in the market, and this is the catalog which was solely dedicated to screws, which till date is a basic yet very important element of any building or remodeling task.

Around the year 1987, almost a decade after its formation, Screwfix had been a part of the progressive market and had learnt more than a thing or two from its evolution from a one page catalog to a four-page version of their idea, which then included DIY tools, which again a new idea taking birth which would end up taking care of the smallest and, if and when possible, the biggest tasks in one’s home, from repair work to large scale remodeling. Around the same time, its catalog also stepped up the game and included tools that could be used by trained professionals in the home furnishing and remodeling business.

It was by the year 1992, that this company had Screwfix printed on their advertisement catalog. This is when the company entered a new zone of development and profit boom. By 1999, Screwfix was one of the first tools company to have a website with their once paper-only catalog on display on the internet.

Today, Screwfix has an amazing portfolio, with a revenue number close to 1.3 billion pounds. It has so achieved the feat by not being shy of change and accepting the changing trend in the market they serve a manufacturer for.