Popular wool quilts to keep you warm in winter

Popular wool quilts to keep you warm in winter

During the winters, it is essential to choose the right quilt for your home. Wool quilts are gaining rapid popularity and a range of options exist when it comes to choosing the perfect wool quilt. Below listed are two popular types of wool quilts to choose from and get the best comfort this winter.

Deluxe wool quilt
The deluxe wool quilt is made from Australian wool fiber which is a relatively new wool technology fiber. It offers balanced insulation from all corners and will keep you warm and safe, even in extreme conditions. Extremely light in weight and soft in appearance, the wool quilt will offer you a comfortable rest after a hard day at work.

The wool quilt needs to be washed separately before the first use. You should use wool detergent to wash this quilt, and it should not be tumble dried. Ironing and steaming should also not be done. Drying it in the air once or twice a month will also add to its longevity. The deluxe wool quilt can be ordered online, and it will be delivered to your home. It can also be returned within 30 working days if any manufacturing defect is noticed in the quilt; however, this would depend on the return policy of the company you buy it from.

Deluxe wool and cotton quilt
This type of wool quilt is a great choice for lightweight luxury bedding and offers great comfort to anyone who uses these on a regular basis. It has been made out of a blend of around 60% wool and 40% cotton. The use of cotton has been intelligently done in this quilt as its inherent characteristic to absorb moisture comes into play and the wool used in this quilt keeps this heat away from the body. This aids in the natural cooling process of the body and allows the moisture to be evaporated. Additionally, when you order this quilt online, you will also get a soft, wool proofed cotton sateen cover which has a self-bound edge.

This quilt is an exclusive combination of wool and cotton and needs to be washed separately before it is used for the first time. This quilt also comes with a 30 day return back guarantee and in case any defect comes to notice, it can be suitably exchanged. This also depends on the company you choose to buy this quilt from.

There are many ways in which you can shop for your favorite wool quilt. Either you can head to the nearest store and pick up the favorite wool quilt or shop for the same online. A product purchased with ample care will always last long and the same holds true for a wool quilt also. Make an intelligent choice and pick up the best wool quilt that market has to offer.