Quick party appetizers for your vegetarian and vegan friends

Quick party appetizers for your vegetarian and vegan friends

Parties are great fun when you are the guest but if you happen to be the host, the excitement often gets lost in planning and arranging for the party. Those who hold get together less frequently, mostly find planning quite an overwhelming task. Among other arrangements, food is one of the most integral part of any party. Food is also the most crucial deciding factor of whether your party rocked or simply sucked!

The key to have a successful party is that the menu you set caters to every guest’s preference. If you only have non-vegetarian items in your menu, the neglected vegan and vegetarian guests would most likely feel left out. It is therefore important that you decide a menu that is balanced and in tune with your guests’ palette. Appetizers are the essence of any party as they set the mood and are strong markers of how the rest of the party would proceed in terms of food. If you are confused about what appetizers to serve your guests who are not meat eaters, scroll down to find out some quick party appetizer for your vegetarians and vegans guests!

Vegetarian appetizers
Vegetarian appetizers are the quickest and most hassle free to make. You could serve tomato- avocado topping on toasts or stuff some baked mushroom with goat cheese filling. You could also serve some tortilla chips and make a variety of tomato dips. Crispy fried chickpeas also makes for a quick and easy starter. French Fries is another very easy recipe that merely requires oil and potato for ingredients. Fried olives and stuffed jalapenos is another innovative way of serving your vegetarian friends. You are serving sushi to your non-vegetarian guests, why should the vegetarians be left out? You could roll up some vegetarian sushi with bell pepper, carrot and celery topping! Spiced nuts is another great way to tickle your guest’s taste buds.

Vegan Appetizer
To all the Vegans on the list, you could serve some roasted cauliflower with a nacho dip or vegetable filled spring rolls and dumplings with peanut dip. Tofu is another great option to make your Vegan friends happy. You could lace the tofu with some pepper or lemon juice or fry the tofu in garlic and soy sauce. Lettuce scoop is another innovative recipe you could prepare by filling up lettuce leaves with a mix of tofu, peanuts, cranberry and mushrooms.

So, the next you are clueless about pleasing the crowd with your food, try making different varieties of lip-smacking vegetarian and vegan appetizers along with all the lamb, fish, chicken and turkey delicacies and see the magic!