How to choose the right face cleanser according to your skin type

How to choose the right face cleanser according to your skin type

Every person wants to have radiant and flawless skin. With the beauty products available in the market, this is not very hard to achieve. You first need to know your skin type. Once you know that you can indulge in a variety of products that include a face cleanser.

A face cleanser is as vital as moisturizing and scrubbing your face. Keeping your face clean and pores open plays a huge role in preventing breakouts on the skin. If you choose the best facial cleanser, you can even improve the texture of your skin. This routine is essential before you hit the pillow at night. Make sure that your face is cleansed of all the dirt and makeup at night.

Your skin needs to be able to breathe and must be free of all sorts of debris to be radiant and smooth. The pollution we see today clogs the pores and is responsible for half of the skin problems.

You can choose a face cleanser depending on your skin type. There are different kinds of skin and based on that; you need appropriate care. You can find the best face cleansers for your skin type and see how it refreshes your skin.

  • Normal Skin Type
    Normal skin refers to a skin type that is neither oily nor dry. This is the type of skin that is not affected too much by weather changes. And is healthy in general. One of the best facial cleansers is those that have hydroxyl and antioxidants. If you have normal skin type, you can use almost any face cleanser in the market and expect good results from it.
  • Oily Skin Type
    This type of skin is commonly seen because the sebaceous glands produce excess sebum. They make the skin more oily and clogged. This increases the chances of breakouts too. Apart from having all the essential compounds that cleanse the skin, cleansers for this type of skin also have decreasing agents such as benzoyl peroxide. Clay-based cleansers are also one of the best facial cleansers that are effective for this skin type. This skin type is prone to more deposit of dirt and pollution and also experience more breakouts. So, you can use a face cleanser twice a day to improve your skin. Dove gentle exfoliating face cleanser helps those with this skin type.
  • Acne Prone Skin
    This happens because the excess sebum produced gets to the surface of the skin. It attracts dirt, which clogs the pores and forms zits. If you have more red pimples on your face, you need to stay away from products that have high amounts of benzoyl peroxide in them. Go for products that have 4% of this chemical. The Neutrogena clear pore cleanser is a good way to go.
    Dry Skin Type
    Those with dry skin must go for products with moisturizing properties. Best facial cleansers for this skin type must have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents. Some of the best facial cleansers recommended for this skin type have hydroxy acids in them. They exfoliate the skin and make sure that the moisturizer is absorbed better. At the same time, they ensure that the natural oils are left undisturbed. The best skin cleanser for those with dry and sensitive skin is Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser.

Avoid skin cleansers that have harsh components as they tend to have a negative effect on the skin. Instead, go for the best facial cleansers in the mild segment. They will show gradual improvement in the condition of your skin. Those with sensitive skin should be all the more careful. Although, all skin types must have a moisturizer SPF of at least 30 to protect the skin from the harsh radiations of the sun. Be sure to shop for a face cleanser based on your skin type to reap the benefits of including it in your beauty routine