Here are a few tips to keep sweaty hands at bay

Here are a few tips to keep sweaty hands at bay

Sweaty hands can be an annoying problem. While you may want to find the causes of excessive sweating, the fact remains that it is essential to know how you can prevent sweaty hands. You may definitely not want yourself in a situation when you meet someone you want to really impress but fret due to excessive sweating.

In order to really find the causes of excessive sweating in your hands, you need to understand the condition in a little more detail.

Why do your hands sweat?
Typically, sweaty hands are the sign of stress and anxiety. This happens due to the concentration of the eccrine sweat glands on the palms. These glands are also present on the forehead and feet so if someone is usually stressed, you will notice sweat on their forehead and feet too. These glands are connected to the sympathetic nervous system of the body so they immediately react by producing sweat when the person is under some kind of stress.

Tips to prevent sweating in your hands

  • Wash your hands as many times as you can. You may want to avoid using soap if your hands aren’t particularly dirty, as excessive use of soap may dry your skin.
  • Carry paper tissues with you whenever you are traveling. This will help you to wipe off sweat at regular intervals.
  • Pocket size hand gels or sanitizers are also a good option.
  • Talcum powder is also good to absorb the sweat. So it is advisable to carry a small baby powder pack in your bag when you are out meeting important people.
  • Lastly, try to avoid taking too much stress of any kind. Stay calm as this will prevent you to sweat excessively.

The above tips are simple and can be kept handy. However, if you are too troubled with sweaty palms, you can consult a doctor.