Finding the best luxury sedan

Finding the best luxury sedan

Just because you are willing to buy a luxury car, it does not mean you have to spend more amount of money than required. There are some cars that offer more value than others. People make their choice based on comfort, affordability, and performance. Here is a list of the best luxury sedans money can buy.

Acura ILX
This is a small four-door luxury sedan. It comes with a normally-aspirated four-cylinder with an eight-speed dual clutch transmission which sends power to the wheels at the front.

BMW 3 Series
Among the top 10 luxury sedans, this car offers to ride comfort, better handling, and driver-centric nicely done interior. The engines vary from a smooth powerful turbocharged inline-six, super-economical diesel engine and drive train options like all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive to manual transmissions.

Cadillac ATS
This car comes with either all-wheel or rear-wheel drive. You can choose from a number of engines ranging from a normally aspirated four-cylinder to a fire-breathing turbocharged V6 (in ATS-V form). This value for money car has comfortable riding experience and nicely done interior.

Hyundai Genesis
This luxury model comes with both all-wheel and rear-wheel drive. You would get this car with every luxury feature you can think of pertaining to a car. The best part is that it costs much lower than other similar luxury sedans.

Jaguar XE
This car offers excellent handling and nice interior. You can choose from a turbocharged four-cylinder, economical diesel, and a supercharged V6 as far as the engines are concerned. The V6 allows this one to be a fast car.

Kia K900
Kia k900 has to offer both V8 and V6 engines. The ride is soft, quite comfortable and well-controlled. This is a nice little car for regular use.

Lexus ES
Among the list of affordable luxury sedans, Lexus ES holds a special spot. It is beautiful, mid-sized to the large luxury car. This car offers all the comfort and secure handling you need with lots of fronts and rear interior space.

Volvo S60
This car comes loaded with several features, including a lot of top-notch safety related systems. This car is one of the best options available in the value for money exotic cars.