Common classifications of storage spaces

Common classifications of storage spaces

Self-storage spaces offer a convenient and safe place for keeping your belongings. Storage companies charge a fixed rent for a duration that you specify while paying for the space. Availability of space is one of the main reasons one would use a self-storage unit. Storage spaces are generally available for personal, business, and, sometimes, for recreational purposes.

Storage spaces are broadly classified into indoor, outdoor facilities, and climate-controlled storage units.

  • Indoor facility
    Indoor storage spaces are a more secure option to store your belongings and valuables, owing to the location of the units. These storage spaces are systematically arranged in buildings and warehouses, most of them several stories tall. Indoor units vary in size, and the size will influence the cost of renting a unit.
  • Outdoor facility
    Outdoor storage spaces are mostly larger in size and are designed to accommodate most of your belongings and possessions. These spaces are more expensive to rent and mostly feature a drive-up access to load heavy furniture, unused appliances, equipment, and even vehicles.
  • Climate-controlled storage
    For perishable goods, it is advisable to rent climate and temperature-controlled storage spaces. These spaces are more expensive in comparison to indoor and outdoor storage facilities and are designed to serve a specific purpose.

On the basis of use, self-storage spaces can be further classified into

  • Seasonal storage
    Holiday decorations, seasonal clothing, and lawn ornaments that won’t be used during the winter can be transferred to a self-storage space nearby. If you have limited space in your home, renting a small storage unit is the next best option, unless you are willing to let go of your possessions.
  • Remodeling storage
    Home remodeling can take weeks to complete, even for a small room. During this time, you will require a secure storage space to safely store all appliances and home furnishings to make space for the remodeling.
  • Storage for military personnel
    Members of the armed forces are constantly on the move, owing to deployments across the country and abroad. Self-Storage spaces come in quite handy during this time for storing their belongings on the move. Many facilities also offer discounts to these men and women who are providing a valuable service to the country.

Services and pricing vary on the basis of the vendor in your area. So, it’s advisable to confirm rent and associated expenses well in advance.