Paper Towel Wholesale Websites and Types of Paper Towels

Paper Towel Wholesale Websites and Types of Paper Towels

The importance of paper towels is known to all. Paper towels find usage in our everyday lives and they are something that we cannot live without. These towels are not only used in households but used in commercial kitchens of hotels and restaurants as well, in schools, in offices, and in hospitals. If you run a commercial establishment, it is best to opt for buying paper towel in wholesale as you get towels at the wholesale rate. There are a number of websites that offer paper towels at a wholesale rate and you can make the purchase online. Here, in this article, we will tell you about the best paper towel wholesale websites that not only offer quality paper towels from some of the best brands but also get them delivered to your doorstep. Read on to know more:

Paper towel wholesale websites


This is one website that offers paper towels and a wide range of other products at wholesale rates. Apart from paper towels, you will also get janitorial supplies, office supplies, restaurant supplies, office furniture, and a lot more. You will get all kinds of paper towels in wholesale on this website starting from C-standard paper towels to roll paper towels. You will also get kitchen paper towels and multifold paper towels from some of the most trusted brands in the country. You can also get paper towel dispensers on this website. Some of the brands that are available here are Boardwalk and Cascade to name a few. You get both these premium brands at a price that you wouldn’t get at any other local store. While the price of Boardwalk White Center-Pull Paper Towel Rolls, 6 Rolls is around $40.57 at your nearest store, CleanItSupply sells it at a price of only $25.99. You will get a similar discount on all the brands when you shop on this site in bulk. Let’s take a look at some of the wholesale prices on this store:

  • Cascade Pro Select White Multifold Paper Towels are priced at around $24.99 per carton. The carton contains 4000 paper towels.
  • For Kleenex White Multifold Paper Towels, a carton of 2400 towels cost around $40.30 at this store.
  • The price of a Mormon Brown Hard Paper Towel (80 ft) carton is around $30.40. Each carton contains 6 rolls.

This is another paper towel wholesale website where you will get paper towels at affordable wholesale prices. Some of the brands available on this site are Bounty and Scott. Both are premium brands and manufacture quality paper towels that are highly absorbent. Also, if this is your first purchase at the store, you are eligible for an extra 10% discount. Let’s take a look at the prices of some of the paper towels available at wholesale prices on this store:

  • Boardwalk Office Packs Perforated Towels are available at a wholesale price of $15.04 only. This is the price of a bundle. A single bundle contains 15 rolls and each roll has 70 sheets. You can make more savings by ordering in bulk.
  • The wholesale price of one pack of Seventh Generation Kitchen Roll Towels on this store is around $17.47. Each pack contains 6 rolls and each roll has 120 sheets.
  • Bounty is a premium brand of paper towels and this is another choice you have. The price of a pack of Bounty Perforated Paper Towels is around $14.47 and each pack has 63 sheets to be used.
  • The wholesale price of Boardwalk Multifold 100% recycled paper towels is at approximately $20.64 per carton. There are 4000 towels in this carton.

Buying paper towels at wholesale prices will help you in saving a lot in the long-run. Buy from these stores to get the best brands at the best prices.