5 home remedies for sinus congestion relief

5 home remedies for sinus congestion relief

Do you often suffer from acute sinus congestion? then throbbing pains all over your face and head, tired eyes, stuffed nose, difficulty in breathing, and a constant feeling of fatigue are your regular companions when your nasal tissues get inflamed or are irritated. It is especially annoying when you have to wake up in the middle of the night with a bad attack of sinus congestion.

Although, doctors recommend antibiotics for those who suffer from severe bouts of sinus congestion, there are certain natural remedies that will give you relief if your sinus problem is not very serious. Here are five home remedies for sinus congestion relief.

1.Use a neti pot: Neti pots, made of copper or ceramic, are used to clear nasal cavities. Use a saline solution that is composed of half to one teaspoon of non-iodized salt for 16 ounces of warm water. Make sure to use sterilized and distilled water. To flush, lean over a sink or basin and tilt your head to about 45 degrees.
Insert the spout of the pot in the upper nostril and gently pour the solution with dribbling. Make sure that you are breathing through your mouth while you do this. Few seconds later, the solution will come out from your other nostril. Repeat the process of the other side as well. Blow your nose gently to flush out the mucus.

2.Steam: You can take a steam bath or shower by sprinkling a few drops of menthol or eucalyptus oil in the shower. Or you can pour warm steaming water in a bowl and keep your face over the bowl with a towel over your head. Breath in the steam through your nose. Be careful to not burn yourself. The hot steam will clear out your sinuses.

3.Spicy diet: Hot spices open up your nasal cavity. If you are having an acute bout of sinus congestion, include spices such as curry, hot pepper, mustard, or wasabi in your food. The heat of the spices will clear your sinus congestion and give you relief.

4.Stay hydrated: This is more of a preventive measure than curative. If you keep yourself sufficiently hydrated, your sinuses will remain moist. Avoid beverages that contain caffeine, as they tend to cause dehydration. Drink sufficient quantity of water and fruit juices.

5.Warm and cold compress: You can use warm and cold compress alternatively to get relief from sinus congestion. This also helps to give relief from pains caused by sinus congestion. The alternate compress will help to keep the tissues of your nasal cavity moist.

If your sinus problem persists for more than a week and is accompanied by fever, consult your doctor immediately.