4 natural remedies for sinus drainage

4 natural remedies for sinus drainage

Everybody at some point in their lives struggles with a blocked or leaky nose that causes a lot of discomfort and uneasiness. When a runny nose is accompanied with puffy eyes and sore throat, the trouble only gets multiplied. People with sinus drainage issues, experience this discomfort several times throughout the year. Therefore, many sufferers resort to home remedies for sinus drainage treatments to get rid of the uneasiness. Some of these sinus drainage treatments have been listed below.

Hydrate yourself well
Drinking enough fluids is one of the essential sinus drainage treatments for instant relief. Additionally, running a humidifier or vaporizer may help thoroughly drain the sinuses. Humidification helps lubricate the sinuses and keeps the skin well hydrated. While having huge quantities of water is recommended, it is important that you refrain from caffeinated and alcoholic drinks.

Try nasal irrigation
Nasal irrigation is one of the most effective sinus drainage treatments for instant congestion and irritation relief. Saline irrigation is an efficient method that helps you flush out the nasal passage with a solution. Mostly this is done with a neti pot, special squeeze bottle or syringes. A neti pot is a simple apparatus that helps you effectively carry out nasal irrigation.

Steam is one of the most inexpensive sinus drainage treatments that help relieve loosening mucus from the sinus passages and helps get rid of the discomfort that is associated with congestion. Since hot vapor help moistens the sinuses, it helps alleviate the problem quicker. Taking steam is an extremely easy process that can be accomplished using just a bowl of hot water and a large towel. To make the technique more effective, you can choose to add menthol, eucalyptus oil, or camphor. Often, it is recommended that you should take steam until the trapped steam from the hot pot dissipates.

Warm and cold compress
Another technique that is a part of one of the best sinus drainage treatments includes alternately rotating cold and hot compresses around the affected sinuses. This is usually done by making the sufferer lie back draped with a warm compress around the nose, forehead, and cheeks for a couple of minutes. After a few minutes, the warm compress must be replaced with a cold compress and kept at the affected spots for about half a minute. The process must be repeated a couple of times and at least six times a day.