4 benefits of buying a Roku streaming player

4 benefits of buying a Roku streaming player

If you’ve ever wanted to turn your normal, old-fashioned TV into a smart TV, getting a streaming device or a streaming stick sounds like a great idea. What’s the difference between just a streaming stick, over a streaming player? Does it let you do more than stream content from different devices onto your TV?

The Roku Streaming Player is a small, compact streaming player that you can carry anywhere with you. If you ever wanted a lightweight, portable streaming player that lets you stream shows from different devices, and even stream content online over the web, then the Roku Streaming Player would be it. Here are four awesome benefits of buying a Roku Streaming Player:

You can stream online content
Be it Hulu Plus, Netflix, Crunchyroll, or any other channel subscription available online, the Roku Streaming player lets you access them all. You can stream content online and watch your favorite shows in high quality. There’s 720p HD and if you’re looking for the next season of your favorite show, then the Roku Streaming Player will assist.

They are more affordable
If you look at other streaming players in the market, what sets the Roku Streaming Player apart from the rest is their affordability. Roku streaming players start at a low $49.99 USD for the Roku LT and can go up to $99.99 for the Roku 2 XS. You get access to all channels on the TV with their basic player so don’t let the low pricing fool you. Roku does not make any compromises.

Easy search
Additionally, the top-of-the-line Roku devices offer support up to 600 channels. If you like watching horror, action, sci-fi, or fantasy, Roku has you covered. You can search for your favorite shows easily. Roku devices offer some of the best search functionality, better than other streaming players. If you’ve ever scratched your head and couldn’t seem to remember the name of the title but only the director’s name, you can look up titles based on their works. You can search for millions of titles in different channels by name, channel type, director, or production company. It’s the best customization tool for online media content searching you can get. Especially when you compare against the pricing and other streaming devices in the market.

They are very easy to use
How do you use Roku? Well, you simply plug it in, hook it up to your TV, log into your account, and start streaming. Pretty simple actually. Roku stands apart in terms of its user experience and easy navigation. Anyone can use Roku the way it’s designed and this is one of the many perks of choosing Roku in comparison to other streaming players.